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Sports Press TV is the WIKIPDEDIA of high school basketball and football. Our goal is to give   every high school athlete worldwide the exposure they need to enhance their chance to play collegiately. We have a staff of former Division 1A coaches and players who we use as analyst. We are the #1 website in the nation for discovering new highly talented athletes, we have had tremendous success in this area. Sports Press TV is the centralized location for talented high school student athletes, who would otherwise be overlooked because of a lack of exposure.



Our athletic consulting  firm  gives athletes the ability to enhance their knowledge, exposure, and recruiting. Sports Press TV will maximize your scholarship potential guaranteed. Accomplished expert analysts will market you  to hundreds of college coaches. 



Our rankings are compiled by a scientific statistical analysis of all the rankings services. Players are scouted by: Video footage, Athletic combines, Athletic Camps,  and live game performances. This system  eliminates controversy  and  personal preferences,  it  insures integrity and accuracy. Team rankings are compiled by high school coaches, sports analyst and writers. The analysts we use have many decades of football and basketball experience. Our minimum analyst requirements are 2 years Division 1A playing experience or 4 years Division 1A coaching experience or 1year pro experience (full season NFL, NBA only). 



The high school exposure camps is unmatched. A camper is judged by his performance at camp but thatís just the beginning. There is the opportunity to be featured in the recruiting publication and website 

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